Thursday, November 7, 2013

Earlington Park (again)

Way, way back on post #1, we mentioned visiting Earlington Park. I was still just thinking of this blog back in those sunny days, so Earlington only got a passing mention with no pictures. With nice weather this past Sunday (for early November), the twins and I headed out post-Blackbuck sale to take in a few parks.

Kate showing her midriff is cute now, won't be so cute when she's 13:

Lots of different monkey bars here:

This spiral climber is almost too easy for us these days:

Across the parking lot from Earlington park is Wyandot Elementary, which of course has their own playground:

On the way home, we stopped again at the Dublinshire Greenway playground:

Kate is an impressive climber:

She's also our best swinger (don't tell the boys I said this):

Finally, we stopped at Avery Park and engaged in the latest past time, playing in the sand volley ball courts:

Loading the bike back up, Sam wanted to create a dramatic crash photo:

Arghhhh! Good thing he had his helmet on.

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