Sunday, September 8, 2013

One more playground: Glacier Ridge Metro Park

Both my playground visits and my blogging have really tapered off since we finished our summer goal. But last night, with Henry and Kate at my parents' place, it didn't take much campaigning by Sam to get me to agree to take him to a playground.

I actually felt sort of fast with only one kid back there:

The playground at GRMP isn't anything special, especially after seeing everything we did this summer:

But Sam had a good time, and I enjoy this ride--rolling through the Metro Park is a nice change of pace compared to riding in town: shadier, fewer stops, and generally quieter.

I've been using my Surly Open Bars on the Buzz lately:

I like them OK, but I have to flip my shifter over to make room for my hands to grab the bars on top (the rear shifter is on the left because I didn't want to redo the cabling when I flipped it over from my old bar)


  1. These surly bars look like they should be paired with stem or down tube shifters. Like on the Raleigh cruisers a few decades ago.

    1. Stem shifters might be convenient, but reaching for a downtube shifter seems kind of out of place on this build. Anyway, I didn't have any provisions for either on the Buzz.


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