Friday, September 13, 2013

Belvedere Park, again

Way back at the beginning of this blog, we visited Belvedere Park just across Brand road but failed to take any pictures. Tonight was our chance to set things right. Sam was very excited to be here again:

This playground has an unusual set of monkey bars, molded into the bridge above:

A twisted climber:

and the usual other stuff to climb on:

Kate is always happy to see a slide:

Somehow, Henry got a flat tire on the ride to the playground. That gave him a chance to practice his cyclocross style dismounted run on the way back home:

and then he really got involved in changing the tire. He took the tire off with the levers, then I showed him how to patch the tube:

Turns out it's also important to clean your bike after working on it. Luckily, Sam was there to help:

A test ride revealed that we did a good job!

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