Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bike and Playgrounds

We had a record warm Saturday, so after a morning of working on the basement, Sam and I headed into town for a lunch at Moe's. Fully fueled, we had energy to hit some playgrounds on the way home, just like the old days. Avery Park was first up:

I was riding my old Rockhopper, Picolo in tow:

I swiped the handlebars off my recent VO Polyvalent build:

Yes, that's not a promising sign for the VO's longevity in my bike fleet.

I was having all kinds of drivetrain issues on this ride. I traced most of it back to a stiff link, but the old 7 speed cassette is likely shot as well. I replaced it when we got home, and that mostly fixed the issue:

Leaving Avery, we rode past our old house, then on to Westbury Park:

We hoped to run into some old friends, but no such luck.

After Westbury, we stopped at the Metro Park's watchtower before heading for home.

Nothing to see, though. The only animals we saw out enjoying the lovely day were other people. After seeing all the cars driving around, Sam asked, "why is everyone driving instead of being outside?" I had no good answer for him.

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