Tuesday, February 7, 2017

B+ Niner

My thing this winter is small wheels, apparently. I've been enjoying my 26" wheeled Rockhopper, just built a 650b VO Polyvalent, and now I'm experimenting with B+ wheels on a Niner frame (B-Niner?).

Since I've built this, I've only managed one trip to Alum. Rain and warm temps have kept the trails unrideable in these parts, for the most part, but I did sneak in a ride last weekend:

On this short ride, I was pretty pleased with the B+ wheels. They gave quite a bit of cush, like my 29+ wheels, but turned more like a regular 29er wheel.

I also tried a new Ragley Carnegie handlebar. Honestly, I didn't think much about it during this ride, which is a good sign:

I need a good cold spell to freeze the trails better and get some more miles in:

Update: I took the BNiner for another spin at Alum with better conditions. I'm really enjoying the B+ wheels, they are just the right compromise for me.

I don't feel any "snagging" or lack or rollover compared to the bigger 29+ wheels on my Jones, but I definitely feel the quicker handling and lower wheel inertia as I dart between the trees.

The 2.8 TB has plenty of clearance at both the chainstays:

and the seatstays:

I could probably run my "3.5" Fat B Nimble in the rear. Maybe I'll try this someday, and put a bit bigger tire up front.

I like this BNiner quite a bit. After this ride, I pulled my KM off the hook to strip it down and clean up for sale... but couldn't do it. I couldn't even clamp it in the workstand before putting it back on the hook. Something about the KM just speaks to me. Maybe I've been reading Surly propaganda for too many years. Anyway, I think I'll keep the Monkey around as my rigid single speed 29er, to give some contrast to my rigid single speed B+ Niner. It's good to have variety.

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