Sunday, October 12, 2014

Working on the Six Pack

I felt bad after writing in my previous post that I haven't taken the kids to enough playgrounds this season. I decided to rectify that situation today. After a couple of morning laps at P2 on my Sette, then a trip to the library on ye Olde Trek, I dragged the kids outside to go to a playground this afternoon.

Much whining ensued: "I want to stay home!" "Why can't we just go to Westbury Park?" But I promised them a new park feature, and some bamboo, and that got them out the door.

The new feature was the outdoor workout machines at Coffman Park. Henry tells me he can work on his "six pack" this way, and he's pretty serious about it:

Cardio is important too:

More core work:

I did some pull ups, which is a good break from the complete lack of upper body workout that cycling gives me.

Today I was riding the Camargue:

Drop bars are pretty far from ideal when I'm pulling the bike train, but I want to keep these levers and shifters on there until I get my Albastache bar to try out.

After our workout was complete, we headed over to the main playground at Coffman Park:

The kids spent most of their time here collecting lady bugs:

Or possibly they were Asian beetles:

After the playground, we stopped along the creek to gather some bamboo. The city had mostly cut it back this spring, but we found enough to satisfy the kids (actually, just Henry, he really loves bamboo for some reason while the twins don't really care). While I was chopping the bamboo, a co-worker rode by on the bike path, and we chatted for a minute. He tactfully didn't ask what I was doing holding a machete next to a bike path.

We loaded up our haul and headed for home. Henry took this picture, thumb included:

I'm not sure what the future holds for this bamboo, but if it's anything like the last batch, I'll end up with it hanging around the garage for the next year.

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