Sunday, October 19, 2014

S26O to Columbus

The kids had Friday off for some teacher service day, so I took the day off from work and we headed out for a quick family overnighter... via Honda Pilot, not bike. Our destination was Columbus... Indiana. I stopped here in the summer with my brother, and saw a few things there that I thought the kids would enjoy. Of course, the kids were mostly looking forward to the hotel, because it had a pool:

Actually, this wasn't our intended hotel... their pool was closed due to maintenance, so we went across the street. That worked out well in the end, as Jodi somehow sweet talked them into a lower rate, and this hotel also had a mini golf course:

Practice putting gets a lot more exciting when you judge it by time, not strokes. I think professional golf could learn something here.

There was even a quasi dance floor:

At least, I called this wood floor room a dance floor, and the kids clearly took it to heart.

Of course, we also got some exercise in the fitness room:

Friday morning, after our free breakfast buffet (the other highlight that Henry especially was looking forward to), we headed into town. We saw some of the same sights Jason and I visited:

We also visited the Columbus Commons, an indoor playground:

Kate, of course, immediately climbed fearlessly to the top of this play structure:

 Neither of the boys even got close to the top! They played with the ground floor activities instead:

After lunch, we headed across the street to the children's museum:

The liked this urban planning quite a bit:

But it couldn't compare to the house display with the giant toilet:

It made a flushing sound when the kids climbed down:

Again and again...

Jodi and I were more impressed by this heat camera:

But the kids were busy climbing back to the toilet.

There was also a secret passage:

Outside the house display, we played with the bubble area that every science museum seems to have:

and Kate showed off her jump rope skills:

We planned to end our day at the Olde Fashioned Ice Cream store next door, but it was packed, with a half hour wait. We stopped at a UDF on the way home instead. It was still tasty!

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