Monday, May 5, 2014

Just a Sunny Sunday and Some Parks

Jodi was painting this Sunday morning, so I "helped" by taking the boys out of the way. After getting a haircut for Sam, we headed to Kendall Ridge park:

On the way there, right in the middle of the bike path, we came across a strange find:

A kid's Schwinn saddle. How does someone lose a saddle? I couldn't NOT pick this up and take it with us. I was riding my Buzz with the double trail-a-bike setup:

This is kind of a fun experiment (though nowhere as near as attention getting as my quad setup), but it's very taxing to ride. From the rear bike, Sam can introduce enough torque to send me steering drunkenly down the trail. It's a constant battle to keep it pointed somewhat straight.

We wandered around the south side of Dublin for a bit, heading towards Ballantrae park, when we spotted a great blue heron at a pond. We tried to sneak up on it, but it took off when Henry was about a dozen feet away:

The hares, though, weren't about to get away from us:

Coming down, Sam decided to take the trail:

while Henry decided to roll with it:

Then both boys had to roll some more:

and some more:

We stopped at one more playground, Heather Glen North, where Henry almost learned a lesson about protecting the family jewels:

We had lunch at Chipotle, then headed home to find that Jodi was almost done with the painting. Close enough to avoid any real work for us!

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