Family Metro Park Ride, Fleet Update

We set off last night to go to a new playground I'd spotted up near Glacier Ridge Elementary. It was a special ride because the whole family was there. Jodi started off pulling Kate:

while I had Sam and Henry, of course, rode solo. Unfortunately, the bike paths stopped before we got to the turn off for the new playground (things I don't notice when I ride solo or drive...) so we cut across and ended up going to the playground at Glacier Ridge Metro Park:

On the ride back, we were taking a small break while waiting for Henry to catch up. Sam and Kate, each on a trail-a-bike, were holding hands. What a great picture, I thought, but before I could get my camera out, Henry split them in the middle!

We stopped to look at a heron that was perched on a beaver dam:

We had a fun time splashing across the many puddles left over from Sunday night's thunderstorm. Henry had a good stripe going:

At least Jodi and I had fenders, which was nice for a puddle like this:

We got home dirty and happy, ready for bath night and milk shakes.


I've mentioned that I had my Novara Buzz halfheartedly for sale, just on the local CL. I've blown off a few lowball offers over the last few months, but I got a message on Monday that seemed halfway serious. A few message were exchanged, and we agreed on a price. But, would he actually show and pay? This had some weight to it, because I had changed my Buzz almost completely from the stock build that I had advertised. Was I ready to invest 45 minutes or so of work to turn it back to stock for a possibly flaky CL buyer? I took the chance last night, stripping off my racks, fenders, and just about all the parts except the headset and brake calipers, and throwing back on the stock parts. I met the guy this morning, and the deal was perfect: on time, cash, no last minute lower offers.

With the Buzz gone, for those keeping track at home, that leaves my fleet as:

- Trek 620: fixed gear road bike
- Surly CC, currently another fixed gear road bike
- Surly Krampus, 29+ mountain bike
- Specialized FSR 120, full sus mountain bike
- Breezer 26er frame, TBD, also currently for sale

In the near term, I'll revert the CC to a family truckster... again. Lately, I prefer the Trek for fixie duties, so the CC needs a job, even though I've never been entirely pleased with it in the utility role. But I need something in the short term to pull the kids around with.

While I wait for the Breezer to sale, I'm going to build it back up as a mountain bike, either as a 69er again (but with a different fork, that should give better results), or as a simple 26er. Maybe a single speed. I want something short and nimble to compare against the Krampus. I'm also still kind of fixated on the idea of a 26er utility bike, so after mountain biking duties, the Breezer may head this way (again), while I think about what frame is best to use for this role. Unusually, my bike fund has only been growing lately, so it's about time for some new metal!


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