Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Dying of the Light

We've had a strange spell of warm weather around here, so for the last week I've been jumping on my bike for a short ride as soon as I get home from work. On Wednesday, Sam joined me a quick spin over to the Metro Park:

I was riding my Rockhopper in its latest state, with Surly Open Bars giving a perfect position for lazy rides around the neighborhood. I liked this bike with drop bars, but it's also working really well like this. Somehow, the cheapie 700c 'cross fork gives it very neutral, even steering. I'm curious to load up the basket and see how it works then.

Sam was excited to explore this dry lake bed:

It's a large vernal pool--a seasonal body of water. It's wet in the spring, dry in the fall.

The safety rope on the bridge still works!

Though there was little risk of drowning today.

We found some old piece of farm machinery next to the lake bed:

And we had to stop by and visit the old truck again:

With the time change this weekend, our daylight after work rides are over. We'll probably catch a few short night rides this fall, but these warm days won't last forever.

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