Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My New Workshop

The downside of buying a new house is an additional six years of grinding debt. The upside is my bike workshop has noticeably improved. Our garage has a nice bumpout in the back that makes a great shop area. We had to add some electrical outlets to the garage (it turns out the one outlet that Pulte provided wasn't quite enough), so after repairing and mudding that drywall patch, I painted it blank white and enlisted some help to liven up my shop area even more.

I told the kids they could paint what they liked. They thought for a moment and got to work:

Sam claimed the back corner. I eventually prodded him to use colors other than orange:

Kate needed no encouragement to use all the colors:

They did fine work:

You can see my latest project on the stand:

One small downside of the new garage is the ceilings are very high. Too high to hang bikes by both wheels, but I'd be conking my head if I hung them by only one wheel. I compromised and installed a makeshift bike rack on the back wall of the third bay:

This is good enough for four bikes (and one trail-a-bike), but that leaves me with three other bikes (and one trail-a-bike) to put somewhere. And that's just my bikes. Everyone else in the family has a bike that has to go somewhere, and Henry has been hinting that a second bike might be just the thing. We had to have a short talk about hypocrisy when I told him no.

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