Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Skating on Thick Ice

Last Saturday, we headed north to visit our future homestead. Our neighbors now have a big hole for their basement, but we still have just an empty lot. We still managed to entertain ourselves on the frozen pond next door:

Kate is talking about buying ice skates for next winter. We'll see!

I also kept busy in the cold with a bit of work in the garage. I sold the Camargue; I'm a bit envious as it's off to warm Arizona. That let me build up the Privateer with the front bag and rack from the VO:

A front bag and an Albastache bar is a really nice combination:

2x8 drivetrain, manual front shift. My usual:

With the fatbike and my fat 29+ wheels also gone, the garage was looking pretty bare. As my bike fund soared to dizzying four figure heights, I was wondering what to do with my new found wealth and space. As you might expect, that situation has quickly resolved itself. More on this at a later date.

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