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Happy Birthday Mom

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I've heard some women buy handbags to match their shoes (I'm not sure if this is true, or else my wife would have a huge collection of black leather handbags with chunky heels), but us menfolk like our shoes to coordinate as well. For instance, my everyday shoes:

possibly inspired my latest frame purchase:

Westbury Park. Again.

Last night, with Henry out at my parents' place, the twins and I decided to enjoy the fine weather and head to a playground. Lately, this always involves a minor bit of conflict: they want to go to nearby Westbury park in hopes of running into their friends, while I want to go someplace further away to get more riding in. Our new deal was that we would ride past Westbury: if they saw some friends, we would stop; if not, we would keep riding.

I got a chance to sit and enjoy the evening air at Westbury park while they played tag with their buddies:
I also had time to admire my Camargue for a while: