Sunday, April 19, 2015

Westbury Park. Again.

Last night, with Henry out at my parents' place, the twins and I decided to enjoy the fine weather and head to a playground. Lately, this always involves a minor bit of conflict: they want to go to nearby Westbury park in hopes of running into their friends, while I want to go someplace further away to get more riding in. Our new deal was that we would ride past Westbury: if they saw some friends, we would stop; if not, we would keep riding.

I got a chance to sit and enjoy the evening air at Westbury park while they played tag with their buddies:

I also had time to admire my Camargue for a while:

I came close to listing this frame up for sale last year, but I'm appreciating it more lately. With the albastache handlebars and three bags, it's comfortable and ready for most anything. The "mid trail" geometry works fine, even with a heavy rear load like my bike train. I just wish the head tube was taller so I didn't have to use so many spacers:

On the other hand, the short head tube does give me a lot of standover clearance, which I appreciate in this type of bike where I'm frequently stopping and starting.

Eventually, the neighbors had to head home, so we loaded up and headed over to the Metro Park. I wanted to show the kids the beaver dam:

Some day, I will ride out early in the morning in hopes of spying the busy beaver.

We also biked over and climbed up the wetland observatory tower:

Sam wanted to make silly faces:

And then we headed for home. All in all, a great evening for a ride... and a playground.


Apropos of nothing, the Columbus Crew soccer mascot, Crew Kat, was at the park for the Saturday morning games. We headed over while Sam was playing to snap a picture:

Sam also got a chance for a picture during Henry's game:

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