Friday, July 17, 2015

Everything But Mountain Biking

This has been an endlessly wet summer here in Central Ohio, setting rainfall records left and right. As a result, I haven't been mountain biking at all in the last month due to the wet trails (our soil is all clay around here, and the idiots who ride in the wet destroy the trails for the rest of us. Go on, ask me how I feel about them). Anyway, without weekends spent mountain biking, I've been doing what I can to get out.

Over shutdown break, I took the chance to take Sam to his summer school reading program via bike. This means Sam had to get up about 15 minutes earlier for his already early 8:15 start date, but he wanted to do it. Henry and Kate rode with me to pick him up one day, but the ~3 mile trip there wore Kate out and she didn't want to pedal home. My solution:

I wasn't carrying motorcycle tie downs in the trailer by accident.

Speaking of kids riding bikes, Sam has finally determined that he is ready to ride his bike:

Once he masters braking, we'll be ready to leave our court. It felt like it took him forever to learn to ride, but my mom pointed out in my baby book that I didn't learn to ride until I was six. I turned out OK, bike-wise.

Kate, meanwhile, is expanding her riding repertoire:

Everyone is getting older and learning new things. My niece Georgia turned three, and we had her birthday party at a Clippers game at Huntington Park. I don't care much about baseball beyond the beer, but it is a great stadium to visit and a nice place to spend the afternoon:

Oddly, it didn't rain during the whole game.

We saw the kids' other cousins when Greyson and Jackson came to visit this week. I took Wednesday off to spend time with the kids, and after seeing the new Minions movies and lunch, I took the older boys out. We hiked at Indian Run Falls park, where the three boys skipped arm in arm while singing "We're off to see the wizard":

Yes, this would be really more effective if it were a video, and no, I didn't take any.

After that song and dance routine, I took these car loving boys for a stop at the Toy Barn, Greyson was happy to find this wasn't actually a toy store:

The new Alfa Romeo 4C is a great looking car, but alas it didn't have room for the four of us.

Back on the bike front, I've been busy updating my vintage Stumpjumper with some new bars, just about doubling the cost of the bike:

I'm really enjoying these Jones Loop bars so far. In fact, they're threatening the Nitto Albastache as my favorite bar for all around riding. I need to get some more miles on these before I can really judge them, though.

I liked the stem shifter idea enough from my Trek 650b that I applied it here:

Ready to roll:

Lastly, I came home from work Friday and there was an odd bike in the driveway. Too big to be one of Henry's friends, and no one knew anything about it:

Ultimately, my neighbor Dan owned up to dropping it off. It had a broken brake lever and had sat in his basement for a long time, and he just wanted rid of it:

Henry has been riding Jodi's 26er Trek lately (!), so my first thought was to refurbish this for Jodi's new bike. However, it's a bit big for her, so I'll probably just drop it off at the bike co-op some weekend.

Dan had a cable lock stuck on the bike, which I was able to cut off in about 30 seconds with my dremel tool:

This says something about the security of these thin cable locks. Also, maybe I should have just asked Dan first if he still had the key.

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