Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Bike Parts and Ice Cream

When I got my new blingy wheels for my Mukluk, I realized they didn't come with skewers. Coincidentally, a fellow COMBO member had a pair of Hope fat bike skewers for sale for just $20. He lived in nearby Powell, so I arranged to meet him up there on Friday evening.

Because I try to be a good dad, I arranged the meeting at Graeter's ice cream:

So my $20 skewers ended up costing me $35, but we had a good night out... after Graeter's we made a detour down to the Emerald Fields playground:

It was a lovely, cool night, and we had a nice drive home with the windows open and the stereo blasting out some Black Keys. Possibly, I took an extra lap around a roundabout on the way home.

The skewers worked out well, too:


  1. Thanks for sharing your story about New Bike Parts and Ice Cream. Even you have more fun with ice cream things. But ion other side you have spent almost equal to the amount of the wheel that you purchased.

  2. Hope you have a great fun with your family there as i seen in your pictures. I also love these type of fun things when going in market for purchasing anything.


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