Geocaching with Henry

Last week, Henry had a presentation in his class about geocaching. After that, he was all fired up to give it a try, so on Saturday we loaded up some local cache points in my iPhone and hit the road.

To the uninitiated, geocaching looks a lot like someone out for a walk:

I had loaded up five points nearby, but the first two were a bust. Things weren't looking good, but we had better luck with cache #3:

Geocaching, it turns out, is also thirsty work:

After that, we were on a hot streak, and found our next two caches:

I was happy to be out for a walk, and Henry was pretty excited about the whole thing, telling me repeatedly, "Dad, I really like geocaching!"

It was still pretty nice out when we got back home, so I was amenable when Henry wanted to take the hatchet out back to chop ice in the creek:

Even with the warmer weather on Saturday, the ice was still a good 3" thick. It took a lot of chopping for Henry to get this far on his canal:

Henry did fine on the ice--I was the one that managed to put my boot through the ice and soak it!


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