Saturday, November 8, 2014

Get Out While You Still Can

The newspaper warned of an impending cold front coming next week, so I made it a point to spend the afternoon outside doing pointless things. I rolled around town on my Crosscheck:

I hope that treeclimber doesn't fall on my bike:

I've been pretty happy with the Mary bars on my CC, but I removed them when I got home, as I want to use them on my impending Freak Bike project. On went the Titec H bars instead. I also spent some time in the garage single speeding my Razzo SC, since I wanted the Grip Shifters from this bike for the Freak Bike:

Also, last month at COMBOween, one of the COMBO guys pointedly noted that he always sees me on a geared bike, even though my screen name for our forum is "SS_Eric." Had to rectify that.

Since I was outside doing stuff, the kids came out to help. I tasked them to help me clean up the yard a bit. With a machete. What could go wrong?

All limbs still attached, we headed back to the creek to throw sticks in:

Then it was back out front, where the twins practiced shooting acorns out of the sling shots while Henry built a lean to:

All in all, a pretty typical fall afternoon around here!

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