Saturday, December 14, 2013


Aside from seeing a movie with the family ("Frozen", slow start but then it improved), I spent much of today finally lining up some parts for my next build. After my experience with the Krampus, I've been kind of 29+ obsessed lately. Finally, here was something new and different that I could sink my teeth into: not just a lighter widget, like my idea for a carbon frame, but a bike that truly made a difference in riding. Fun but also low tech, a good combination.

After some internal debate between a Krampus frameset and Carver Gnarvester, I settled on the third choice: see what I could do with my Niner SIR9. I won an auction today for a never used pair of Knards, almost two for the price of one, which set off my chain of buying:

- a Velocity P35 wheelset. I debated about going whole hog with a Rabbit Hole wheelset, but these were less than half the cost and about a pound lighter. While the rim is about 15mm narrower than the 50mm RH rim, reports say they work OK with the Knard tire.

- I already have a Deore hydro brake set coming in, my first real experience with hydraulic brakes

- Unrelated to the 29+ thing, I also just ordered a Sella Anatomica saddle for my CC (half off Christmas special!)
So this evening, I spent some time in the garage getting things ready for my new bits.

My Salsa Fargo V2 fork will fit a Knard (see here for instance), and it might technically be possible to fit a Knard on the back of the SIR. There's a lot of clearance back here:

I measure about 76mm of clearance. Surly says a Knard on a 35mm rim is about 73mm wide. Maybe it would squeeze in there, but not really enough clearance for riding. So, I'll either try a Knard on a regular rim (not really recommended), or see what the fatter rim does to my 2.4 Vee Mission tire. Or just end up heading to the Trek store for a Krampus frame.

I put on my H bars to get ready to run the hydro lines:

I don't plan to use H bars for my initial build, but this will dictate the longest length for the brake hoses. This will result in some extra length with regular bars, but I want to be able to change bars up easily. I have the other parts ready to go on:

Bontrager riser bar with an oversized stem (I'm grudgingly giving in to 31.8 bars and stems), an 11-34 eight speed cassette, shifted with an old thumbie and a short cage rear derailer. The N-gear jumpstop will keep the chain on. The "Sam" license plate will go on Sam's bike, of course.

Now to wait.


  1. Ooooh...
    Must follow this thread through.
    Its exactly what I was planning for my SIR.9.

  2. Came across this after Goodling the gnarvester. Own a One9 and SIR9...decided to get rid of the One9 for the gnarvester (should be ready by early April) and keep The SIR9 because it is so damn comfortable and versatile.


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