Saturday, October 5, 2013

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Today was IMBA's official "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day." Although Henry has a few trails under his belt, now that he's a big ol' seven year old, I figured it was time for him to hit a real trail. Besides, there was supposed to be free stuff.

We got some rain on Friday (no doubt due to the President's Cup being in town), but the trails were still in good enough shape for riding. We loaded up Saturday morning before swim lessons and headed out. We got there right at the start, and the COMBO guys already had their tent set up. Henry was excited to get a number plate:

We also snagged a few Cliff bars and some stickers before heading over to the beginner loop. The trail was quite slick in places--we ended up walking most of the bridges. Riding behind Henry, I could watch him recover nicely when a diagonal root kicked his rear tire out. He's pretty smooth for a kid on a coaster braked BMX bike!

We took a quick water break at the Jaycox road point:

We finished up the two mile beginner loop without any crashes, and I think Henry enjoyed this type of riding. But he liked the skills park even more:

Back in the parking lot, we found Bike Source had set up their tent. More free stuff! A T-shirt, water bottle, and a few more Cliff bars:

We rode a bit of the main trail of P1, a bit more of the skills park, and then it was time to head to swim lessons. The rain was just starting to come as we headed out. Just one more stop to make:

Happy Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day! Thanks to COMBO and Bike Source for putting this together.

Postscript: Henry's friend Walter came over a few days later. Henry was very excited to show off the mud that was still caked onto his tires! I predict that number plate will still be on his bike come spring time.

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